A Personal Note to You...

Nothing I share is true, in-and-of-itself… however my aim is to point toward truth through my perspective and for you to have your own embodied experience of it. 


I share my insights & perspective through the lens of a western woman who is in love with the tradition of Nondual Śaiva Tantra/Kashmir Śaivism. 


And, however much I deeply understand the nondual nature of reality, I also deeply know the individual perspectives and experiences we each have as unique, as well as having many commonalities - us all being human and all!


My particular areas of suffering & challenge, thus therefore growth & awakening involve issues having to do with eating/dieting/body image, codependency/people-pleasing/losing myself in relationships, speaking up with truth/asserting healthy boundaries... and many aspects relating to these areas.


My insights aim to be of benefit to all of humanity, and may resonate more with those who’ve had more similar experiences as I have.


May what I share be a shining light for you to see within your own self. 



Megan Hart