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you are the Embodied Sovereign Woman

The Woman you Embody when you're Aligned & Anchored in your Truth.

The Woman who Guides your Vision & Purpose.

STOP cycles of trapped emotions, fight/flight/freeze/fawn.

STOP perfectionism getting in the way.

STOP self-sabotage by codependency & people pleasing.

STOP dimming your light, shrinking & staying small.

STOP letting your fears & limiting stories take the driver's seat.

STOP allowing your past to define your future.

STOP permitting others to define you - Define your Divine Self.


And Step into Your Purpose as... Healer, Guide, Coach, Holistic Therapist, Entrepreneur, Artist,Visionary...

My expertise lies in helping you gain Clarity on your Truth so you can Lead a Life of Purpose.


I created this program because I have lived the struggle myself and have found my way through.


Feeling lost, trapped, confused, angry & aimless about why I am here & what to do about it.


You DO have deep Embodied Truth that points to Your Purpose & I can help you tap into it!


In this Intimate, Safe & Sacred Circle of Women, 

we dive into removing what is holding us back...


(limiting beliefs, past traumas, unhelpful habitual patterns, 

rocky emotions, survival-mode, unstable relationships with self & other...)


And we call in to our lives that which our True Self desires...


✓Radical Self-Acceptance

✓Trusting Yourself & Knowing Your Truth

✓ Knowing & Expressing Your Needs

✓ Healthy, Mature, Intimate & Enriching Relationships

✓ Navigating Your Emotions w/ Ease

✓ Living With Pleasure, Aliveness, & Joy

✓ Living With Purpose & Clarity


This is the Embodied, Sovereign Woman.


Take a Stand for Her, who Resides within You. 

Image by Vonecia Carswell
Image by Jackson David

12 Week Program

Weekly Group Calls

(3 weeks on/1off to honor the natural feminine energy cycle)

Weekly Modules

Monthly 1:1 Calls

Regular Non-Linear Movement Method Classes

Access to any other Classes offered

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