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How the Non-Linear Movement Method Helps You Overcome Self-Doubt & Trust Yourself

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Most people tend to focus on ‘thinking’ their way out of self-doubt. The internet is overflowing with motivational memes, psychological sound-bites and wisdom from a variety of ‘experts’. “In order to trust yourself, do xyz.”

The problem? You just can’t think your way out of self-doubt and into self-trust. I’m going to share how the Non-Linear Movement Method® can be used to release self-doubt for good, and build a deep sense of self-trust within you.

Ahmad Odeh | Unsplash

Do you often find yourself feeling confused, unsure or conflicted about what the ‘right’ thing for you is?

Or do you constantly second-guess your choices, wondering if it was the ‘right’ decision?

Is this the right relationship? Am I doing this the right way? Is there a better job out there for me? Should I have children before it’s too late? Should I have said that to her?

Why is it so difficult to just trust yourself and let go of all the doubts?

It can be a whole lot easier. I’m here to share how I discovered an easier way, through much trial and error of my own.

The only catch? You gotta be willing to be totally and utterly honest with yourself.

No biggie! ;) Particularly, being really honest about how you FEEL.

This might put your hair on end and have you shutting your laptop screen down if you’re like I used to be - terrified of and confused by my emotions. But I promise, it’s not as hard or scary as it seems.

(In fact - that is most often just a story in your head, making you ‘believe’ it’s gonna be terrible… the reality is it’s not.)

First, let me start by very briefly sharing about the Non-Linear Movement Method®...

What is the Non-Linear Movement Method®?

The Non-Linear Movement Method®, or NLMM for short, is a powerful somatic method developed by Michaela Boehm. It's rooted in her early training in Kashmiri Shaivism and fused with her extensive expertise in working with trauma, emotional closures, and physical contractions with her clients.

(You may have heard of Michaela Boehm from recent Netflix specials, Unwell or Love, Sex & goop, or Will Smith mentioning her name in his recent interview by GQ Magazine. She’s a highly sought-after therapist and relationship expert.)

NLMM is a very simple, highly-effective embodiment practice that helps you process emotions, release trauma, access your innate wisdom, and enliven sensual energy….

And in the process of doing all of these things, a phenomenal byproduct of the practice is that it releases self-doubt and builds up trust in yourself.

As an Embodiment Coach, I use the principles of NLMM in all of my work. Whether I’m guiding a formal group class, or weaving it in a private session with other techniques, it is an essential tool for the work I do.

Even as I write this, I practice the pillars of NLMM of moving, breathing and feeling in ways that allow for me to write with even more flow.

So How Exactly Does This Help Me Overcome My Self-Doubt?

Majid Sadr | Unsplash

Self-doubt is a symptom that you’re unsure what the ‘right’ thing for you is, right?

The big things like… That dream job opportunity in another state you’re not excited about living in... That hot date that could turn into something more but you feel hesitant... Everyone around you is having children and you’re unsure...

But the smaller things too.. I want to go for a walk but I feel so tired after work… I want to take that art class but I need to work more to make money… salad or steak… black dress or red dress…

You get the point! In NLMM, you tune into what you’re feeling in your body, and where you’re feeling it, and then you let it move through you.

In one of the key sub-modalities of NLMM, you tune into what you are ready to let go of. The focus can be specifically on letting go of self-doubt.

But it actually doesn’t matter what you focus on because when your body is ready to let go of something, and when you’re willing to FEEL it and MOVE it, something magical happens - you let go of what isn’t ‘right’ for you!

i.e. you overcome self-doubt.

The more you practice this, the clearer things become for you. The ‘right’ pathways for YOU open up and become much more obvious.

Mateus Campos Felipe | Unsplash

Now, this isn’t to say it’s gonna happen all in one instant for you - that suddenly you will know everything that is ‘right’ for you and you will have absolute self-trust and self confidence.

That could happen. But for most people, it’s a process. It’s one thing to have a flash of insight… it’s an entirely other thing to allow time for the insight to integrate into your being. That just takes time. Are You Ready To Let The Doubt Go?

So now the million dollar question comes up: Are you ready and willing to be really honest with yourself, and feel what comes up? The thing is, a lot of times what comes up for people in this process isn’t always what they ‘wanted’ or ‘hoped’ was true.

And that can feel like a real slap in the face if you’ve been living your life in a way that is totally out of alignment with what’s really true for you, deep down.

You might realize you don’t want a marriage with the person you’re engaged to after all. Or you’re willing to move to a less desirable place temporarily because the opportunity feels too good to pass up. Or, you do want children, but only if certain life criteria are met. Or you really fucking hate wearing black because it makes you feel invisible like a stage backdrop curtain so you choose the stunning red dress. Whatever it is… there could be a reckoning with the life you’re living vs the more authentic life that yearns to be lived, waiting to come out of you! Very likely in fact, if you feel overwhelmed with self-doubt often, you’re probably gonna have a lot of glorious (and perhaps some painful) realizations when you start practicing NLMM and really getting into your body.

How Self Doubt Is Your Friend

Priscilla Du Preez | Unsplash

Now, I don’t want to scare you with all this! But I am being real and honest with you.

This is the REAL kind of work that people talk about. It’s not so hard.

In fact, during the process, you get to know your own self-doubt as the friend that it is.

Yep. Self-doubt is serving you. It’s a companion, and there’s a big part of you that wants it there. It’s familiar, it’s comfortable enough. And it’s probably trying to keep you safe, in some way. When you really FEEL this awareness in your own body, you no longer resent the self-doubt for being there. Just like you would do with a life-long, loyal friend, you’d find a way to let it know that it could be more helpful in other ways.

There’s a great tenderness and reverence in this process of embodying your emotions more fully.

It’s incredibly healing, and with proper qualified support, you can make great strides in your own process of overcoming self doubt and building a deep sense of trust within yourself.

I discovered this embodiment practice, and several others, in my own quest for truth and trust.

I used to be ravaged by self-doubt, mistrusting of my own decision-making processes, and second-guessing what I ‘should’ be doing - with myself, my life, my career, my relationships, my family… you name it, I doubted it!

How fucking exhausting that was. Living with self-doubt is draining to your own vitality and integrity.

Embodiment practices, including NLMM, helped me find clarity within myself, and implicit trust in myself.

I offer a variety of embodiment modalities as stand-alone classes or paired with my coaching, including online NLMM classes.

In my free twice-monthly newsletter, I share embodiment tips and practices that can be done by ANYONE that help not only overcome self-doubt and build deep self trust, but also…

* Monthly online classes to join (embodied yoga, yin, meditation & NLMM)

* How to practice embodiment in everyday situations - even while stressed at work or in public

* How to recognize fight/flight and freeze response in day-to-day life (freeze is especially interesting!!)

* How to bring embodied awareness into your relationships for deeper connection, authenticity and fulfillment

* How to know what your fuck yes and fuck no feel like

* How to avoid spiritual & emotional bypassing and embrace reality AS IT IS.

* Honoring the feminine cycle, embracing your feminine energy and power as a woman.

* Podcast episode interviews with amazingly wise and embodied souls (such as Michaela Boehm herself!)

* Embodied HUMOR - because life is about living! And laughter is THE BEST medicine.

Learning to truly trust yourself simply begins with being more fully in your body.

The more embodied you become, the more self-trusting and confidence will just become your nature mode of being!



Megan is a Certified Feminine Embodiment Coach, Authorized Teacher of NLMM, Embodied Yoga Instructor, Hypnotherapist and lover of nature and things that make her laugh. To have a chat about working with her privately, schedule a free consultation call here

Her pricing is accessible to most and only works with people where it's a good fit for you and her.

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