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What Is A Feminine Energy Coach?

Naeim Jafari | Unsplash

Hello Woman!

I’m guessing you’ve already heard a little bit about Feminine Energy and are now hoping to find a Feminine Energy Coach to help you be more in your natural feminine energy… but what exactly is a Feminine Energy Coach? And what do we really help you with?

I’m here to help answer some of these questions and help you understand a few things to look out for while searching for a Feminine Energy Coach.

What is Feminine Energy?

Feminine and masculine energy, are everywhere, and in everything - including you. From the most ancient traditions, within nature herself, right up to this present moment, we live in a reality of duality and polarity.

We have Shiva & Shakti in the Hindu traditions, Yin & Yang in Chinese tradition, Jesus & Mary in Christianity, Mother Nature & Father Time…

None of these overlap exactly, but the interplay between two primary polarities are within each major tradition across time - even in traditions that are ultimately nondual (where all is ultimately ‘one’) - we still live within experiential duality, and in individual bodies.

On a meta level, feminine energy doesn’t exactly have to do with gender. Feminine and Masculine energy are at play, dancing within each one of us, indefinitely within, and throughout the entire cosmos.

But, because we live in a layered existence, feminine energy also seems to have a whole lot to do with being a woman. In many ways, women are the embodied human representation of feminine energy.

Through years of embodiment coaching, dating & relationship coaching, helping women and men sink deeper into their truth… My mentors, colleagues and I have noticed that the overwhelming majority of women are what we call feminine-essence women. (And likewise, most men tend to be masculine-essence men.)

We can attribute this to nurture and/or nature… regardless of why this seems to be the case, the case is that women who force themselves to be in a more masculine-mode for too long are often not as deeply satisfied with their lives as women who can also lean into and embrace their feminine side. There is a balance and harmony to be struck.

Many women I know and work with in our modern culture are seriously burnt-out, dissatisfied with their romantic lives and deeply disconnected from their bodies. (I have been this woman.)

Feminine Energy is what connects you to your own embodiment. Your intuition, your sensations, your emotions, your deep, vulnerable heart’s truth.

Why Are We So Disconnected From Our Feminine Energy?

We can attribute our disconnection from the feminine energy to many things. I’ve sat with this question for years, and it’s quite layered and complex from what I can tell.

One way to look at it is that over time, we’ve continually prioritized thinking, doing, productivity over quality of beingness.

Especially in very mind-oriented cultures (like America), we can very easily get lost in seeing success as what we achieve in external, material possessions, or status… and when we focus too much on this, we can become hollow - we can easily lose touch with the feeling of presence and satisfaction along the way.

This can then get compounded over generations, passed down through our ancestry, through culture.. And then before we know it, we equate ‘feminine’ with so many things that it is not.

We have overly-simplified to help understand (which is one thing the mind is very good at!) but in this over-simplification, we have diminished what the feminine is into something our mind can grasp - the thing is, the nature of the feminine is exactly not the realm of the mind, and therefore it is not something that is necessarily graspable by the mind.

Joelvalve | Unsplash

What Feminine Energy is NOT…

Some things I’ve heard over the years from various sources, even supposed experts in the realm of Feminine Energy that are just out-right wrong…

Feminine is… weak, soft, sweet, modest, dainty, gentle, passive, irrational, manipulative, useless, helpless, dumb… (what else have you heard?)

Let’s take a few of these and pull them apart a bit more...

Hamid Tajik | Unsplash

Soft, sweet, gentle. Yes, the feminine CAN be emotionally soft, sweet, gentle etc.. but because feelings, sensation and emotion are the realm of the feminine, the feminine can also be fierce, strong, even rageful.

When we conflate ‘soft, sweet, gentle’ with feminine and ‘strong, harsh, aggressive’ with masculine, and then further equate ‘soft sweet gentle’ with what it means to be a woman, and ‘strong, harsh, aggressive’ with what it means to me a man, we destructively minimize what it actually means to feminine or masculine, or to be a man or a woman.

We pigeonhole ourselves into boxes that lack any real authenticity.

Ok, next let’s look at weak, dainty, passive, helpless.

The reality is that men are in whole, significantly physically stronger than women across the globe. This is obvious when we look at physical damage done during domestic violence for example, or what’s happening in sports with male-born people being able to compete in women’s sports. Women are, on the whole, smaller and therefore we could say weaker.

But, this is only in comparison to the opposite gender. And this is only in comparison to physical strength. When we take into account intuitive and emotional strength, we can get vastly different results. It is reductionistic to equate weakness with femininity.

And it’s incredibly de-humanizing.

The qualities of ‘weak, passive, helpless’, when embodied by someone attempting to practice being more feminine, inevitably leads the woman to find her opposite and likely to abuse of some sort.

These qualities are more a matter of maturity (or lack there of) or circumstance than qualities of being in your feminine energy.

Chris Knight | Unsplash

We can be weak and helpless (or passive or dainty etc), only in comparison to what is strong and self-reliant. Why would anyone choose to be weak and helpless? Well, we do, when we’ve conflated this with being feminine, thinking that being feminine will get us… (the man, or the desired outcome of any situation etc). And this is actually quite manipulative.

A lot of what is being sold as Feminine Energy are immature manipulation tactics and certainly won’t get you what you truly want - whatever the reason is for you wanting to embrace more of your Feminine Energy.

Ok, now let’s also look at feminine being ‘irrational’ or ‘dumb’...

From the mind-only view, emotions are indeed irrational. They literally don’t make sense, they’re not logical, they’re not linear. They can be confusing AF.

But, if we’re only looking at emotions through the lens of the mind, we are again being massively reductionistic and just plain wrong.

It’s kind of like the saying, you can’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree.

Emotions have their own deep wisdom. It’s a kind of wisdom that is felt, that can be scary a lot of the time because we don’t have control (the mind LOVES to be in control!). It’s a kind of wisdom that takes genuine listening, time, space and the ability to BE with whatever comes up - whether we like it or not.

One of my teachers once said, “there is no informed consent when we listen to the body.” Meaning, when we genuinely let go of trying to control and filter only for what we want to hear, we then hear the TRUTH - whatever arises - and this can sometimes be uncomfortable or inconvenient. BUT, it ultimately leads us to what deeply fulfills us.

Jan Kopriva | Unsplash

So, How Can A Feminine Energy Coach Support You?

Finding a Feminine Energy Coach who understands and actually embodies her own healthy feminine energy is key - without this, you can easily be led into pseudo-feminine tactics and mind-realm manipulation. You might get results at first, but in the medium-to-long-term you will not be going in the right direction.

I have been led astray by insta-feminine energy ‘experts’, and others who only scratch the surface of what it truly means to embody your Feminine Energy. It was painful to say the least, and I want to help you avoid these pitfalls that I, and many others, have fallen into.

A quality Feminine Energy Coach will help you learn to navigate your own embodiment, your own inner world of feelings, emotions, sensations & intuition AND help you balance this feminine energy with your healthy masculine side (because again, we all need a healthy balance of both!).

Whether you’re wanting to be more feminine in your romantic life, magnetize the life of your dreams, your dream career, have a family, or bring feminine energy into your art... a well-trained and embodied Feminine Energy Coach can absolutely help you do this.

If what I’ve shared here has been helpful, and you are ready to truly embody your Feminine Energy, book a free consultation call here and let’s find out how I can support you with your specific desires!

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