Why Embodiment?

The term 'embodiment', used in the context of coaching, is still fairly obscure.


I didn’t have the slightest clue about it until I was researching somatic studies about a year and a half ago.


The issue I had with most somatic studies is that it is generally focused on trauma-release - Don’t get me wrong - this is such an amazing (the best?!) way to release trauma, and sooo needed in our modern world.


But my intuition was telling me to keep digging, to find a practice that wasn’t just about body-aware trauma-release, but about fully inhabiting the body - everything we feel and sense, the trauma and the delight, and everything in between. 

Trauma - because we can only release it if we feel it fully and let it go (animals’ nervous systems shake it off immediately). We cannot suppress, deny, shove away or block our traumas. And this goes from the little micro-traumas many people have on a regular basis (over-stressed lives), to the giant ones that can cause PTSD and other mental & emotional disorders. 


Delight - or joy, pleasure, aliveness - because this is WHY we are alive! We are alive to experience life, to grow from a seed and blossom into our own unique gorgeous flower, vibrant with color, fragrant with aroma. 


And it’s not that we must experience both Trauma and Joy in a 50/50 split. This is fake news. But, we must learn to relate to trauma in a totally different way than we’ve been modernly conditioned (good news - it’s actually so much easier than you probably *think* - that’s a huge part of the problem - our thinking actually causes more trauma than is true!)


Then the word ‘embodiment’ popped in my head, I googled ‘embodiment coaching’ and lo-and-behold, there were people doing Exactly what I was intuiting!! It literally couldn’t have been a more direct confirmation of the path I was headed on.


And it’s nothing new; it actually stems from Non-Dual Śaiva Tantra. Not to be confused with neo-Tantra - which most people associate with overly sexualized practices under the guise of spirituality. 


In classic Non-Dual Śaiva Tantra - a thousands-year-old philosophy that, in a nutshell says, that this physical body we have is the only body (of all the other layers, emotional, mental, energetic, spiritual etc), that we can experience ALL the other bodies in one. Therefore, to be embodied, is to live fully in this life, fully present in your own body, with everything that shows up.  (For more on this definitely check out Christopher Wallis’ “Tantra Illuminated”)


When we are fully inhabiting this body we have, we are ‘embodied’. Being more embodied brings so many benefits… 


  • We can hear our authentic self - our voice, our truth, our genius & creativity. 

  • We create healthier bonds & boundaries in relationships

  • We create more aligned and fulfilling careers & hobbies for ourselves. 

  • We learn how to take time with important life decisions so that we may ultimately make the ‘right’ decision for ourself and the situation. 

  • We learn that emotions, sensations, feelings are information and how to navigate this world instead of being afraid of the negative and addicted to the positive. 

  • We learn how to cultivate more aliveness - joy, pleasure, vitality & sensuality!

  • We stop being chained to fear-based messaging meant to keep you feeling fat, ugly, old, guilt-ridden & shameful, not enough, too sensitive, too weird, too boring, useless, unloved, confused, hopeless.. ad infinitum… 

This is the beautiful, enriching and deeply fulfilling work I get to do in the world. 

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