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About Embodiment

What is Embodiment?

Embodiment coaching & embodiment practices are a wide-range of modalities - new & ancient - that facilitate a deeper understanding, trust, intimacy, relationship & inhabiting of your own body - and thus with life.

We are invited to shift our awareness from our overthinking, busy minds, and reconnect with the deep wisdom of our bodies.


We connect Head with Heart.

Mind Intellect with Body Wisdom. 

What Embodiment is Not...

Embodiment is NOT about another gimmick,

trend, quick-fix, bandaid or false authority. 


Embodiment coaching & practices can help with almost any challenge or difficulty in your life.


This is actually why I landed on this kind of work as my life's passion.


I spent many years searching for truth, for what can be absolutely trusted in life - when I'd come close to something, it always fell short. I'd always have a feeling that it wasn't quite it.


Whether it was religion, atheism or new-age spirituality, a political stance, whether I should have a family or travel, which career path to choose, or which diets, 'experts' & doctors to trust...


None of it ever felt quite 'right'.

Embodiment is about Truth & Trust

What are the Benefits of Embodiment?

With Embodiment Coaching & Practices, we discover new pathways and benefits we would rarely find otherwise... 

  • We Regain Agency & Sovereignty Over Our Lives (Where are my co-dependents & people-pleasers at?!)​​

  • We Learn to Befriend & Trust Our Emotions (Instead of suppressing, numbing-out, over-working, avoiding or being scared of them!)

  • We Hear Our Body's Deep, Innate Wisdom (Where our intuition, creative-expression and inspiration resides!)

  • Recover From Trauma & Feel at Home in Your Body (You are NOT broken.) 

  • Release Everyday Stress, Tension, Anxiety, Depression

  • Cultivate Greater Capacity for Joy, Vitality, Life-Purpose (And pretty much anything else your heart genuinely desires!)

  • Co-Create Healthier Relationships (Romantic, Family, Friends, Business, Yourself...)

How Does it Work?


In 1 on 1 coaching, or in group classes, I facilitate, guide & hold space for your embodied experience. However,

YOU are ultimately the authority.


I facilitate your experience based on what your desired focus & goals are for our work together - whether it's Embodied Eating,

Recover from People-Pleasing, Feel Safe in Your Body,

Recover from Trauma, Release Stress, Cultivate

More Aliveness, Have Healthier Relationships...


The options are near endless.

Within our work together, I provide you many different embodiment techniques, tools, resources and practices to take outside of our calls and classes. This means, after our work is done, you won't be left in the dark - You will have the tools & resources to continue

your unfolding & self-discovery process.





What is Required of Me?

  • Your Sincere Desire to Feel Your Truth & Trust Yourself.


Other than that... 

  • Openness: You may (likely) meet sensations, feelings & emotions that you 'don't like', or want to resist - this is completely normal, and, you will discover how even the least enjoyable sensations provide invaluable information regarding your truth - whatever your desired outcome is.

  • Courage: Even if you feel scared, if anything I've shared lights something within you - heed that! That is your "YES!" calling. We may do some movement, we may do meditation, we may do various practices - all will be in alignment with your desired outcome. 

  • Space: Dedicated time & space for our sessions/classes, & I highly encourage additional time & space for YOU, and just you - this embodiment work is a practice in self-rediscovery.

  • Practice: Just as with anything we are new to, the process of embodiment (coming out of the head, into the body) may take practice. And also as we know with practice, the more we do it, the better, deeper & more profound the results. 

  • Release: Your life is an ever-unfolding process. Let go of any notion of perfectionism. Realize this is a journey, as Alan Watts says, and we are meant to sing and dance along the way!

  • Tech: Most sessions are held via Zoom. Phone is possible. Please have stable wifi & good speakers & mic. 

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