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Megan Hart

Somatic & Embodiment Coaching

for the Greater South Sound Area & Worldwide.


Somatics | Embodiment | Spirit

A little about my story & process


I'm thankful that body-based healing modalities are on the rise, and that is surely why you are here. 

I grew up quite dissociated from my body. I could tell you what I wanted to feel, or what I thought I should feel, but with no real awareness of what what actually going on within me.

From a young age, I used food as my main way to cope with uncomfortable feelings... later on I would use drugs, alcohol and get into a string of highly co-dependent relationships. 

I credit Intuitive Eating as the informal introduction to my own embodiment.

Years later I would discover Feminine Embodiment, Embodied Yoga, Somatic Therapy & Spiritual Embodiment. 


I've trained in multiple somatic modalities over the years (see credentials list here).

I've worked with people from 10 years old to 80 years old, across the globe, individually, as couples and in groups, male & female, various ethnicities, backgrounds, beliefs & faiths. 

The thing we all have in common?

This remarkable, divine human body.

I used to be terrified of my own inner landscape - what anxiety, worry, fear or insecurity might be hiding beneath the surface? 

Now, I look forward to helping others navigate their own selves in order to trust themselves better and to become a more skillful & loving human.

I, and others like me, aim to resolve cycles of trauma, dysfunction & maladaptation so that we can live life according to how we are truly designed - to thrive & flourish. This is no small aim, it may not happen in our lifetime - but it is the right aim. 

My coaching style interweaves education on: polyvagal theory, the fight/flight stress response, nervous system regulation... practices of: non-violent communication, feminine & masculine dynamics, emotional awareness... sharing: reflection & discernment, accountability & homework, somatic & spiritual practices - depending on your unique needs, goals & desired outcome.


Professional Training

Certified Embodiment Coach (CEC) | Embodiment Unlimited

Certified Trauma Embodiment Coach (TCC) | Embodiment Unlimited

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) | Yoga Alliance

Registered Non-Linear Movement Method Teacher | Michaela Boehm

Certified Feminine Embodiment Coach (FEC) | School of Embodied Arts

Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt) | Hypnotherapy University

Certified Applied Polyvagal Theory in Yoga | Embody Lab

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology | Evergreen State College

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