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 Take a moment right now, to notice your breath - is it shallow? Is it flowing? Is it stifled? Are you holding it? 


Next, notice any areas of your body where you might be holding tension; your jaw, your face, your shoulders, your hips… 


And next, notice any areas of your body where you feel really good; perhaps your breath is flowing fluidly. You feel a surge of vital energy flowing through your spine. You feel the sun warming your skin, or a refreshing breeze in your hair.


And now, notice how you weren’t paying attention of these things before I brought your awareness to it. Perhaps simply bringing awareness to your breath or to tension even helped provide a sense of relief and release.


These are simple and easy embodiment practices that anyone can do to bring greater awareness to the body.


What I help coach people do is to dive deeper - we start with a foundation practice and then we go into the depth of your body’s truth and wisdom. Your body knows innately how to breath effortlessly. Your body knows how to relax and move with ease, free of tension. Your body holds your truth.  

If you are struggling with making an important life choice, facing a challenging decision, releasing a past trauma, or simply overwhelmed with which direction to go in life (whether personally or professionally), embodiment coaching can help you with all of these. 

Discovering your Truth. Releasing what's holding you back. Embracing a life full of Joy, Pleasure, Vitality, Fulfillment.

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A lil bit About Me...

Born in Texas (down home roots), raised in the Pacific Northwest

(refreshing progressive wings), I've traveled and lived in an array

of foreign lands, as I've always had a hunger and curiosity of our

infinite ways of living as humans. 

I grew up in a quite 'disembodied' way - i.e. I was very out of touch

with my emotions, I could tell you how I wanted to feel but not how

I actually felt. I easily & readily dissociated from my body and emotions, particularly when it was unpleasant, or I didn't know how to handle what was going on.


Essentially I lived much of my life from the neck up - I could impress with my intelligence (and drawing skills perhaps), but I couldn't tell you if I was actually happy to see you or would rather spend the evening reading a book. Over time, this left me quite numb, depleted, uninspired and wondering what the hell was this life for, if this is what it's gonna be like. 

Through searching for my own truth over the years, I worked through many self-help programs, therapy sessions, motivational memes and anything else I could find to point me in the 'right' direction.

Through a series of beautiful coincidences (synchronicities for my Jungian peers), I discovered embodiment work - and I fell in love. I knew this is what I had been searching for all along. In a short time, I was able to master my emotional world, 'hear' the wisdom inherent in my body, and begin navigating my life in a way that gave me genuine joy and fulfillment. 

This has given me purpose now, and that is the greatest gift. 


Because I know how I was living, is a symptom of our modern times, I know this work can help so many others as well. 


The specifics about my professional & educational background:

* Certified Feminine Embodiment Coach (FEC)

* Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt)

* Non-Linear Movement™️ Instructor 

* 200hr YTT Certified Teacher
* Embodied Flow™️, Yin & Nidra Yoga Instructor

* Reiki II Practitioner

* Bachelor of Arts degree, specializing in Psychology & Herbalism

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