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Somatic & Embodiment Coach

For people who...

  • Value Emotional Agility & Intelligence.

  • Want to live Authentic & Real lives.

  • Value living Deeply & Wholly. 

  • Desire True Self-Empowerment.

For anyone who KNOWS they have more within them - to live, to offer, to express - and who desires to LIVE IT. 


BA in Psychology & Ethnobotany | Evergreen State 

Certified Herbalist | Australasian College of Health Sciences

Certified Hypnotherapist | Hypnotherapy University

Feminine Embodiment | School of Embodied Arts

Non-Linear Movement Method® | Michaela Boehm

Reiki Practitioner | Reiki of San Diego

200hr YTT | True Self Yoga

100hr Embodied Yin & Nidra | Authentic Flow

Nondual Śaiva Tantra Immersion | Hareesh Wallis

Fern Plant


I specialize in supporting people in embodiment, emotional agility & somatic experiencing for specific purposes & goals. 

Personal agency, sovereignty, integrity, honesty self-respect & personal empowerment are at the foundation of my work.

I do not have your answers.


I hold a safe, nonjudgemental space, and guide you somatically to discover your truth within YOU.


I believe deeply in the truth, "You must feel it to heal it."

We also don't want to sit & ruminate in our feelings either. 

We are most alive when we allow it all to FLOW.


Some areas of life that I've supported clients with... 

  • Processing the emotions of divorce/separation

  • Processing the emotions of betrayal & loss

  • Navigating from trauma bonds to conscious relating

  • Getting in touch with one's intuition & authentic 'yes' vs 'no'

  • Career changes, going back to school & other big transitions

  • Processing & releasing childhood & ancestral trauma

  • Being in reality, letting go of fantasy projections

  • Choosing pregnancy or abortion

  • Recover from people-pleasing, 'toxic' relationships

  • Uncovering & expressing your authentic voice (through writing)

In all of these areas, as we move through the work, we also tap into and cultivate your sense of self-empowerment, authenticity & truth. In fact, it's simply a natural byproduct of this kind of work. 

It can feel scary, and overwhelming to consider diving into some of the harder stuff... but I promise you, it's never as bad as your mind makes you 'think'. 


Shame disappears when it's shared in a safe space


As you share with others who are safe, you realize how much we all truly have in common as humans - even the hardest parts to admit. 

This is the empathic & compassionate witnessing we all need - this is what I bring to our work together.

Consistently, my clients leave their sessions feeling lighter, uplifted, clearer, grounded, hopeful, stronger & more empowered

And this is not by way of bypassing what is 'wrong' or doesn't feel good. 
This is by truly diving into and doing the work, somatically. 



I grew up in a quite 'disembodied' way - i.e. I was out of touch with my emotions & inner sensations.


I could tell you how I wanted to feel but not how I actually felt. I easily & readily dissociated from my body and emotions, particularly when it was unpleasant, or I didn't know how to handle what was going on.


I would get overwhelmed, confused and lose my sense of self often. 

I went through my share of unhealthy, even 'toxic' relationships. And I consider myself a recovering people-pleaser


In my younger years, I lived much of my life from the neck up - I could impress with my intellect, artistic skill, organizing & care-taking people & events - but I couldn't authentically tell you if I was actually happy to see you or would rather spend the evening alone reading a book.


I was a good 'worker', for many years, however I lacked connection to my inner sense of direction & purpose in life. 


Over time, this left me quite flat, numb, depleted, uninspired and wondering what the hell was this life for, if this is what it's gonna be like. 


Through searching for my own truth over the years, I worked through many self-help programs, therapy sessions, motivational memes and anything else I could find to point me in the 'right' direction.


Through a series of beautiful coincidences (synchronicities for my Jungian peers), I discovered embodiment work - and I fell in love.


I knew this is what I had been searching for all along. In a short time, I was able to navigate my emotional world with confidence, 'hear' the wisdom inherent in my body, and begin directing my life in a way that has given me genuine joy & fulfillment

This has given me purpose now, and that is the greatest gift. 


How I was living is a symptom of our modern times - I know this work can help so many others as well. 

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I adore the nature where I've lived most of my life, in the lush Pacific Northwest. I honor this place I call home is traditional land of the Salish people. 

My heritage is mainly from Scotland, Ireland & England - it's no wonder I can handle the weather here!

I currently live in Tacoma, WA (USA), where I also teach yoga in person at Tuladhara Yoga.

I love to write, draw, dance, sing (even badly!), laugh daily, stand-up shows, spend time in reverent awe of nature, skiing, camping, mushroom foraging, deep conversations, pondering, traveling (I've been to over 25 countries - I cook better Thai green curry than most restaurants here!).

I love linguistics & languages, speak basic Spanish and learned Arabic in college, but now can't read/write any of it since I never used it!

I'm learning Flamenco dance - which I fell in love with on a trip to Barcelona in 2014.

I'm an (imperfect) devotee of Nondual Śaiva Tantra Yoga.

(i.e. I probably have the most inconsistent personal yoga practice for a yoga teacher you'll meet! and it works great for me!) 

I've grown to embrace my humanity & quirks, and let go of rigidity & perfectionism.

And, I love you.