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Words from recent participant of the Embodied Boundaries Group Program:


I’m no longer in that state of always having anger on the surface for every little thing…


Now I feel like I learned how to cope with my emotions as they pop up instead of brushing them under the rug, as I learned to do my whole life. Giving my emotions that space & attention they need has made me feel like I have way more control over my mood.


It’s easier to cope in general. There is more of a steady flow instead of so up and down.


If that’s all I could take from this whole course, it was absolutely worth it. I was so tired of being angry all the time.”

There are several ways we can work together.

If you'd like to chat first to make sure it's a good fit, you can schedule a free 30 minute consultation call here

If you already know you want to work together, I offer several options: 


1) Single sessions

Best option for acute/immediate support. Please book a brief consultation call first.

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2) Package of sessions 

Best option for shifting deep-seated patterns, embodying lasting break-throughs

*These are offered at a discounted rate per/session as compared to the single sessions

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3) Group programs

Best option of you love the aspect of safe community in your process

*Next group program starts mid-Oct 2022

Theme: The Embodied Inner Child

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4) Digital programs

Best option if you don't desire direct support/contact & are highly self-motivated

Available Now:

Feminine Energy & Archetypes Foundations

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Embodied Boundaries

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