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Now at Mynx Aesthetik...

Healing & Transformation through the Body.

"...the two most important phrases in therapy, as in yoga, are “notice that” and “what happens next?”. Once you start approaching your body with curiosity rather than with fear, everything shifts.”

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk

The Body Keeps The Score

somatic coaching

Many of us walk around as if we’re just ‘brain-taxis’, as if our brains hold all of our wisdom, and our bodies are largely ignored other than the obvious needs (food, exercise etc).


Somatic Coaching helps integrate the mind-body-emotion disconnect that is so prevalent in our modern culture.


It is beneficial for many purposes such as:


  • ​Nervous System Regulation

  • Healthy Emotional Regulation & Expression

  • Overcoming Anxiety, Stress and/or Depression

  • Trauma Recovery (personal & inherited)

  • Healthy Body-Image

  • Disordered Eating & Addiction

Feminine Energy coaching

Being feminine isn't just about what you wear, or what you look like. Femininity is a way of showing up in the world that is largely lost in our modern western culture.

Embodying your feminine energy more deeply can help with so many things, including:


  • Healthy Dating/Relationships

  • Magnetizing Your Desires

  • Embodiment & Emotions

  • Divine Feminine & Masculine

  • Menstrual Cycle Wisdom

  • Self-Trust, Self-Care & Self-Love


Free 20 Minute Consult

For any new client through Mynx Aesthetik, book a free 20 minute phone consultation!

Find out how I can support you!


What is somatic coaching? 

Somatic means 'of the body'. Somatic techniques include a massive range of modalities including: dance, yoga, breathwork, rolfing, intuitive movement, body-mind centering, somatic experiencing, tai chi, martial arts, Feldenkrais... and more.

In somatic coaching, we focus on building more interoceptive awareness (a fancy scientific word for internal awareness), then as we build more of this internal awareness, you learn how to understand what your emotions are trying to tell you (all emotions have a positive intention!).


You'll also learn a variety of somatic exercises to help regulate your nervous system.

How is somatic coaching different from regular therapy?

As awareness grows of the importance of incorporating the body in therapy & healing, more traditional therapists are adding somatic modalities to their practice.

Somatic coaching is best suited for people who are not needing intensive therapy (such as psychotherapy or psychiatry) but who are looking for alternative and/or complementary support. Some people choose to see a traditional therapist in conjunction with a somatic coach.

Whilst somatic coaching is not therapy, nearly all clients experience it as therapeutic and many even use is as a replacement for traditional therapy.

What does a typical session with you look like?

We start with a brief chat, reconnecting to your original intention of working with me, or if there is anything more pressing we may explore that as well.


During our chat, I may share educational insight on what may be occurring - for us over-thinkers, this understanding often helps the mind relax a bit before we dive into somatic exploration.

We will then go into your internal landscape and build awareness of what's happening within you. I'll periodically ask you to share what's occurring so I can keep in sync with you.

Within the session, there will be what I call "embodied homework", based on what's specifically coming up for you. This will be highly encouraged to practice in between our sessions together.

What is feminine energy coaching?

When we look at our human experience through the lens of feminine and masculine, the feminine is the domain of emotions, feelings, sensation, sensuality, intuition & the body. (To contrast, the masculine is the domain of thinking, doing, direction, order, structure, consciousness itself.)

In our modern world, we are, as a whole, very well-versed in the domain of the masculine but sorely out of balance with the feminine. 

Thankfully this is shifting as things such as somatic work (body-based modalities), and emotional intelligence become more valued in our culture.

In a Feminine Energy Coaching session, similar to that of a Somatic Coaching Session, we will dive into the body, build more awareness of what's happening within you, help you become more skilled in navigating your sensations, your emotions & your body.

This work is often done in the context of desiring healthier romantic relationships, learning how to trust the softness & surrender of the feminine through magnetism practices, learning the wisdom of your menstrual cycle and more. 

Do you take insurance?

I do not take insurance.

What are your credentials?

Certified Embodiment Coach (CEC) | Embodiment Unlimited

Certified Trauma Embodiment Coach (TCC) | Embodiment Unlimited

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) | Yoga Alliance

Registered Non-Linear Movement Method Teacher | Michaela Boehm

Certified Feminine Embodiment Coach (FEC) | School of Embodied Arts

Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt) | Hypnotherapy University

Certified Applied Polyvagal Theory in Yoga | Embody Lab

Where do we meet?

Mynx Aesthetik
5013 N Pearl St., Suite B
Ruston, WA

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