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This is where Nervous System work, Somatics, YOGA, Spiritual Embodiment & Feminine Energy Merge.


My name is Megan Hart.

I'm many things, including: a Certified Embodiment Coach, Somatic Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Feminine Energy Coach, Spiritual Discerner.  I'm Trauma Sensitive, a Bridger of Worlds, Woman, Human Being.

My coaching & teaching style is nurturing, discerning, liberating & empowering. I look forward to meeting you!

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"As a human, I am a canvas painted with the colors of both the mortal and the eternal." - Stephen R. Covey

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Magnetize Your Future Self, NOW.

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Ty T. Wales, UK

"Megan draws from a wealth of philosophical concepts, established science, and esoteric practices to help me navigate both my internal world and in the shared world. The premise of 'embodied knowledge' is that your body has the wisdom to answer your questions. Megan has a real skill in guiding your (re-)discovery."

Maya F, San Diego, CA

"Megan has committed herself to going deep into understanding feminine embodiment to help guide those of us who need it, with an honest, generous and intelligent spirit. [Working with her has been] so valuable!"

Kelly C. Tacoma, WA

"After reading about embodiment coaching, I knew this was what I was looking for. I needed help working through old patterns, but not by diving (yet again) into my mind, but by focusing on listening to my body’s innate wisdom.
Megan helped me find my own answers using simple, gentle & highly effective methods.
If you are considering Embodiment Coaching, I would look no further!"
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