Embodied By Nature™
Guided By Heart 

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Welcome Love!

I believe we are here to live lives we actually love.

I am dedicated to helping you release what no longer serves you

Traumas, Limiting Stories & Old Habits

whilst also cultivating greater capacity for

Joy, Vitality, Fulfillment, Direction & Trust in Yourself.

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Megan Hart

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Client Success


"Megan's powerful yet beautiful style of coaching has helped me get in touch with my personal truth and power. A wise, caring soul who makes you feel completely at ease, understood and empowered. Can't recommend her enough."

Deanna / Yoga Instructor, Writer / Portugal

"Megan has such a nurturing and grounding energy, just being in her presence I feel more at peace! Her coaching has helped me find my truth, process emotion in a much healthier way, release unresolved traumas, & connect more deeply to my intuition. I’ve learned how to listen to my body."

Sara / Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor / San Diego


"Megan's yoga classes are relaxing and so beneficial. As a recent recipient of two brand new hip joints just two short months ago, this gentle yoga was perfect for me. At the end of class, I left feeling good energy and no pain at all. Her classes are so nurturing."

Bianca / Dancer, Massage Therapist / Tacoma