Embodied By Nature™

Guided By Heart 


"At a time of deep divisions and discontent, the dissociations of head from heart, of talk from walk... it’s not surprising that an antidote is resonating in the Zeitgeist, what many herald as an emerging stage of human development in which the clever head re-integrates with the deep wisdom of the body. Embodied leadership is showing the way..."

Welcome Love!

I believe we are here to live Lives We Actually Love! 

I am dedicated to helping you release what no longer serves you

Traumas, Limiting Stories & Old Habits 

whilst also cultivating greater capacity for

Joy, Vitality, Fulfillment, Direction & Trust in Yourself 

meet your H(e)art Coach...

Megan Hart

Embodiment Mentor  Truth Whisperer

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Words of Praise


"Megan's powerful yet beautiful style of coaching has helped me get in touch with my personal truth and power. A wise, caring soul who makes you feel completely at ease, understood and empowered. Can't recommend her enough."

Deanna / Yoga Instructor, Writer / Portugal

"Megan has such a nurturing and grounding energy, just being in her presence I feel more at peace! Her coaching has helped me find my truth, process emotion in a much healthier way, release unresolved traumas, & connect more deeply to my intuition. I’ve learned how to listen to my body."

Sara / Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor / San Diego

"Megan's yoga classes are relaxing and so beneficial. As a recent recipient of two brand new hip joints just two short months ago, this gentle yoga was perfect for me. At the end of class, I left feeling good energy and no pain at all. Her classes are so nurturing."

Bianca / Dancer, Massage Therapist / Tacoma