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what you seek is seeking you. what you seek is seeking you.

Most Feminine Energy & Feminine Embodiment is Missing Something Crucial...

What is it to be surrendered, without knowing what & whom you're surrendered to?  Or to be surrendered to a fellow flawed human being?

What is it to be receptive, when you potentially open up to being receptive to what's not for your greatest good?

What is it to be feminine with only the limited understanding of the mind and human ego?

here, we believe

Your Embodiment is Divinely Defined.

Here, we go beyond & we dive deeper than than "3 things you need to do to get his attention" or "5 tricks to be more feminine".

These kind of things can work - for a short time. But, because they are human-created tactics, you're only going to get human-level, superficial satisfaction. 

We did not create ourselves, and thus, when we cultivate an unshakable connection with our Creator, we are irrevocably immersed & merged with our intrinsic feminine nature.

The only thing that separates us from this merging, is our ego & false perceptions of reality.

So, to truly be in your feminine, it's not about learning any new tricks, it's about unlearning these mind-realm delusions & re-embodying your truest God-given nature.

This is why I say I am different from almost every other feminine energy coach out there. Most won't outright say this.

i help you remember
& re-embody who you
already are at your core.


"To manifest something means to think about it often and with focus until you receive it. It's the idea that if you want something, you can mentally attend to it and will it into existence."

Manifesting is fundamentally flawed in that is centers you, and I, as the doer, particularly in the mind-realm. It too easily lends itself toward narcissism and a self-centered reality.


Not to say that everyone who uses manifesting is this way, and that it doesn't have its benefits, but this is an undeniable flaw I've seen over the years in New Age communities.


It only truly works if the one who is 'manifesting' is centered in Divine Love and with the desire for the Benefit of All Beings.

BEYOND MAgnetism. 

"When a woman is radiating feminine magnetism, she is a man magnet. It's the natural law of physics. Two opposite poles attract each other. "

I've undoubtedly had some pretty amazing things happen using magnetism practices. Magnetism holds a lot of power! 

But, just as with manifesting, magnetism too easily lends itself to you as the doer. That if you just feel a bit more magnetic, and bit more receptive and a lot more surrendered - everything you dream of will fall into your lap.

And, yes, again, this can happen, but, if the practice isn't surrendered in deeper, Divine Truth, invariably your ego will take credit as the one who 'called it in', and then when life inevitably throws you a curve ball, it's too easy to get upset and frustrated with things not going your way.


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MERGE with your truest nature. 

In MERGE, we combine tried & true feminine energy & feminine embodiment practices, nourishing & vibrant group calls, a community forum, private deep-dive sessions & spiritual embodiment to support you in deconstructing false perceptions & narratives that are keeping you from living in your natural feminine radiance. 

In the years of doing this kind of work, I've found it to be negligent not to be trauma-trained and thus we are also equipped for low-mid level trauma, should it arise.


A 6-month commitment is required.

3 tiers of payment options available.

Here, we are un-doing
in order to allow your divine feminine nature to emerge.

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For those who currently suffer from financial inequity, pay simply what covers the cost of overhead.

You are welcome here.

You are loved.



For those who have a enough to sustain yourself and help contribute a little extra to my efforts.

Thank you!



For those who are able to contribute more, so this community can flourish together.

*Includes 1 private call per month

About Megan

Megan centers all her work in God, as she understands him - Ultimate Truth, Divine Love, All-Encompassing Compassion.


Her initiation into the feminine was undeniably Divinely guided. You can read more about this experience here


Because of her unique pathway into the feminine, her love of spiritual mysticism, practice in embodied tantrik yoga, she often holds a bigger & deeper perspective than you may find elsewhere.

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