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I ♥️ Embodiment. I ♥️ Writing.

I’ve had such an influx of people reach out to me for support in helping them clarify their offers, their voice and their expression… that now I just gotta make it a thing!

I will be hosting a month-long private group workshop in August on Embodied Copywriting

I will hold 1-2x weekly group calls (2 hrs max, no more than 8 persons in the group so everyone gets ample space & attention.)

I will incorporate & guide embodiment practices that have proven repeatedly in my own private practice to help clients connect & anchor into what they want to offer/express.

You’ll gain practices to tune into your own natural rhythm and sense of consistency (It’s not e-mailing every day for all people!)

You’ll tune into what platforms you resonate with best (hint: what resonates deepest for you, is what resonates deepest for who you’re speaking to! Social Media. Books. Radio even… )

Screen Shot 2021-06-29 at 14.54.38.png

This is for you if…

* You struggle with finding the words

to express an offer articulately, with

heart & soul, without using other

experts’ formulas

* You hate marketing & writing but know

you don’t have to hate it.

* You can feel there’s more to be

expressed and feel confined by hollow

‘how-to’ marketing/copywriting tips

* You want to embody your own expertise & message on a much deeper & substantial level

* You want someone else (me) to hold a strong & safe space for you to explore your expression & have intuitive, embodied accountability & feedback.

* Doesn’t matter WHAT you’re trying to write, just as long as you have the feeling of what’s desiring to be expressed.

* You’ll be invited to share your embodied writing at the end of this workshop (if it excites you!)

* And most importantly, you’ll have the embodied EXPERIENCE of what it feels like to express yourself at a deeper, confident & aligned level - once the workshop is over.

Screen Shot 2021-06-29 at 14.54.49.png

Enrollment Details: 

Early enrollment is $1,111 until July 11th.
After that if there are spots left, enrollment will be $1,555

Bonuses for early enrollment:
* A private 1:1 deep dive together
* A welcome gift mailed (yes the old fashioned way! who doesn’t love getting a surprise gift in the mail!)

I fully anticipate this to fill up so if you’re interested, enroll now!

(you can also venmo @mmhart22 to secure your spot.)

I am so excited to offer this!

 I will probably add on other things too as I stay excited.


If you've got any questions about this workshop or wondering if it's a good fit, just send me an email I'll answer any questions.

"This culture teaches us that the way to get things done is to buckle down and push yourself to do it, no matter how hard or scary.


This might work for some things, but it can kill creativity.


Megan helped me to find a joyful path out of overwhelm to authentic, effective language on an exciting new project I've been dreaming about for years."

Jazmin | Certified Rolfer | Body Literacy Project

So much love & true embodied expression to you.

Xo  Megan

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