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Femininity, Manipulation and True Surrender

Updated: Mar 27

Just a few sweet days until the day devoted to love. How is your heart?


Many of you found me through your search for feminine energy coaches. If that's not you, this should still be interesting, and certainly still relevant to your fundamental humanity & spiritual essence. :)


I have many gripes about the world of feminine energy coaching. A substantial amount of what I see marketed as feminine energy techniques is actually masking quite manipulative tactics.


The integrity is lacking just as much as the tactics men use in the pick-up world.


Feminine energy coaches sharing how to 'lean back' & let him chase you... wear this... say only what you feel, in this exact way... do these 3 things to get him back.


I used to ghost write for one of the major feminine energy relationship coaches out there in fact.


None of it was wrong, per se.


It all resonated on a basic level.


But something within me has always felt this wasn't enough. These tactics often are just scratching the surface and not addressing a much deeper issue.


For one, it appears that 99.9% of feminine energy coaches just focus on romantic relationship dynamics.


Is life not more than this?

Don't get me wrong, I am 1000% for finding your soulmate.


But, our intimate relationships are our closest mirror to our shadows. We all know this - once you're with someone long enough, the shiny glean of newness fades, we can't keep up with the facade of tactics, our ugly behaviours start showing.


If you're not rooted in something much deeper, you're on very shaky ground.


What you're rooted in as a human, matters.


The feminine, at her core, is feeling, intuitive, expressive, receptive, surrendered, creative, communal, radiant....


We all have feminine & masculine energy within us, surrounding us. It's at the core of the nature of this existence.


If the nature of our existence is an interplay of both energies (and also then ultimately one energy at the meta-level), learning how to be more in your feminine isn't just about romance.


Let's take the feminine quality of 'surrendered' for example.


If a woman practices surrender only at the level of romance, and she's not rooted in a much deeper relationship with reality, she will invariably surrender to the whims of the man. This is incredibly dangerous territory, and we see it all the time in co-dependent relationships, and relationships marked with abuse, for example.


So then, the question is, what/whom are you surrendered to?

The answer: It must be ultimately God to which you are surrendered.


It must be to the Source of Divine Love that is at and in our very core.


It must be to that which is greater and bigger than our faulty egos, our short-sighted vision, and our fleeting desires.


The real magic in life happens when we are surrendered to Divine Love.


Otherwise again, if we're surrendered to anything else, we are at the whims and woes of whatever that is. Our immature, egoic desires, our ideas of what life should be - good luck with all that! :/


The process I take my feminine energy clients through definitely includes techniques that can be applied today... and it's also deeply rooted in our Divinity.


We cultivate devotion, ritual, practice, reflection, prayer, listening, slowing down, and a posture of receptive surrender to embody the feminine on a profoundly deeper level than most any other feminine energy coach out there.


Whilst the marketing around this mostly attracts women, the process is for everyone.

We live in a culture that is addicted to stimuli, productivity, ADHD medications & diagnoses. In 2011 (13 years ago), the majority of Americans were absorbing the equivalent of 174 newspapers every single day.


We were not designed to intake that load of information. No wonder we have a hard time focusing. No wonder we're overwhelmed and burnt out. No wonder we've lost connection with our deeper nature.

If you've followed with me this far, thank you.




I hope you will take a moment and sit with anything that's been stirred in you.


Feel that aliveness, instead of numbing out to scrolling social.


Feel that yearning for more depth and heed it.


You are meant for more.

Have a beautiful week, and whatever you do on Valentine's Day, let it be also in devotion to big "L" Love.



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