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How Feeling 'Stuck' Is Actually Helpful...

Photo | Carlos Magno | Unsplash

When we ‘think’ about expressing our emotions, feelings, sensations… for many people, the very word ‘express’ has an underlying connotation that it’s going to be ‘big’ or ‘explosive’ or ‘wild’ or ‘messy’ or ‘loud’.

We might think of someone expressing their anger - usually fiery, loud, outwardly intense right?

Or someone expressing their intense grief - tears, wailing, ugly crying…

But what about the expression of your stuckness? Your flatness? Your blank stillness? Your dull numbness?

Most of us ignore these sensations.

The very nature of feeling ‘numb’ will have us believe there’s nothing to feel - nothing to be aware of. And often, we make it ‘wrong’ that we feel numb.

If this occurs for too long, we venture into external ‘remedies’ to make us FEEL something.

Drugs. Sex. TV. Workaholism. Food. Endless Social Media Scrolling.

But we know very well, when we go down this route, we need more and more to keep ‘feeling’ something… and keep the numbness at bay.

So what happens if you simply turn toward and fully express your numbness? Your heaviness? Your dullness?

Over and over what I experience in myself and witness in clients, is this is the gateway into something incredibly valuable.

Fully expressed heaviness - not fighting it - it is relaxing as hell.

Fully expressed flatness, Dullness, numbness, stuckness… all of these lead to a similar result - relaxation.

And you know what happens when you’re truly relaxed?

You start feeling vitality come back into your body.


New inspiration. New insights. Ways of approaching challenges in life you hadn’t thought of before because you were avoiding the gateway instead of turning into it.

This is an area I absolutely LOVE supporting people with - because I don’t overlook it as many do.

The subtle is what I love & cherish.

This kind of awareness is especially helpful for those who’s go-to stress response is ‘freeze’ mode.

You don’t want to jolt your body awake - that will inevitably cause burnout.

You want to gently melt your body alive.

This is one of my areas of specialty.

Reach out if this is something you struggle with and you'd like to learn a way out of it. It's simpler than you think ;) Xo

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