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On Identity (Personality), Archetypes, Choice & its Spectrum/Range

We can use archetypes to bring to light what we might let go of that is no longer serving us, when we are triggered. Child, Infant, Toddler, Martyr, Prostitute etc…

Same goes for when we are choosing who we are becoming in the world (yes, to some degree we have choice, but not totally.. choice is on a range, and I hope what I share helps illustrate this…)

We can feel into the resonance of archetypes, or even people we look up to, and feel what it might be like within our own bodies to hold the energy of the Sovereign, the Visionary, the Wild Woman, the Goddess, the Crone etc…

These archetypal energies are always available to us and in my embodiment work, I encourage people to really feel into them.

When we are triggered, what age does it feel like? etc

Then with the archetypes we are desiring to bring more into our being, we actually have CHOICE to bring more of this in, but only when it is within our awareness.

We are not always aware when we are triggered and acting from the toddler archetype - we’ve seen it in many adults, if you’re honest with yourself, you’ve probably behaved this way somewhere in your adult life too! no judgement tho, all of us have aspects that are not grown or mature, its simply human.

When we choose the archetypal energy to release and that energy to call in more of within our being, over time we actually identify with it.

Just as a Martyr will identify with her pain and suffering and wear it like a badge of honor… the Lover will identify with her passion, creation and connection in life.

The more we choose to identify with an archetype, the more it actually gets ingrained in our identity - but all if this is a choice you have control over. We can change our identity, in this way, it just takes some awareness and practice and persistence.

When are talking about identifying in less ethereal and more concrete terms, it gets a bit tricker - and here, I fully expect I may ruffle some feathers, but I ask you to simply hear me out and hear the overarching theme of what I am illustrating in this post.

Take our sexual identity for example - this is a super hot topic that has people on edge or on the defense in all perspectives of it. I’m talking about if you are a woman, man or identify somewhere in-between or even as the opposite sex.

Now, there is science to show that this is somewhat of a spectrum, and we know some people are born with organs from either sex. However we can also argue that someone who is born in an obviously male body, suddenly chooses to identify as a female when he is a mature adult and then chooses to compete in sports against other naturally born females, he will almost absolutely out-compete those females.

This is a very real, measurable and concrete difference between the sexes - particularly toward THE EDGES OF the Spectrum of Male to Female.

However science is also acknowledging that there is an area between the edges of the spectrum that is a little less clear-cut - and this is also important to acknowledge.

Now let’s go into an even murkier area of chosen identification… when someone chooses to identify as another race

The outing of Rachel Dolezal made most people roll their eyes in the ridiculousness of a white woman, identifying as black - why? Because she is clearly not black, and not of black ancestry….

UNLESS… you go waaaaaay back. If we all go back to humanities roots, we could all identify as black - assuming science is accurate in stating where humanity first began.

And then, even more seemingly-outlandish, is a human identifying as an animal, or attempting to legally change their age because they dont feel as old as they actually are etc etc etc.

My point with all this is three-fold:

One, that almost anywhere you look in life, you can find the deep contrast, the black/white, the either/or, the you vs me…. AND between that contrast, there is a whole range, a whole spectrum of mixture.

Two, what we have genuine choice & authentic dominion over is also on its own spectrum.

Three, and this is the most important in my eyes, is that we have GENUINE AUTHORITY over which archetypes are *allowed to exist within our being*. This spectrum of identity is completely and utterly within YOU, and your dominion.

I share this to empower you - to think, to FEEL, to bring to your awareness… what archetypes are you allowing to run the show within your being that are NO LONGER SERVING YOU.

And which are you desiring to call in and anchor into your being? Step into more fully? Imprint more deeply? Wear more authentically?

I love you! Xo

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