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The Benefits of Exhaustion

Exhaustion has a pretty bad reputation… who likes to feel totally and utterly depleted, zapped of all energy, excitement and inspiration?

We have this belief that we should be accomplishing goals, making progress, being productive - even when we’re not…

Even when we’re laying in bed at night trying to sleep, our minds race.

I’ve experienced a lot of exhaustion recently.

For many reasons… but that’s not so important as sharing why exhaustion should be appreciated more.

You know what also happens when we’re exhausted?

Our tolerance for bullsh*t goes out the window.

Our ability to disregard our own needs goes down to zilch.

We stop losing energy chasing after something that should never be chased.

When you’re dead tired, it literally takes all your energy you might have available to just feed and bathe yourself.

New parents, workaholics, caregivers, world-travelers, intense relationship struggles, growing pains, overthinking…

If you combine exhaustion with re-evaluating your life decisions - awesome!!

I mean, not to the point of overthinking to death (again!)…

But from the place within you where you are honest with yourself about what you’re willing to show up for, who you’re willing to show up for, in what capacity… what conversations need to happen… how to better care for yourself… this is GOLD. 

Utilize it to your advantage.

All sensations, feelings & emotions have a benefit.

Be surrendered by it. And love yourself into a more sovereign space.

Internal felt sense discernments like these often take time, patience, attention to subtlety and nuance, and relentless self-inquiry.

And, this is what I LIVE and LOVE for.

I love you!

Happy Mercury Direct!


P.S. I am not saying to intentionally put yourself into a regular state of exhaustion... but if you happen to find yourself there often... use it as a golden moment of self-reflection.

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