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What is Sovereignty?

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

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There is a certain gravitas to this word for most people, even if we don’t exactly know what it means. It’s formally used most often in reference to governments… “Sovereignty is the full right and power of a governing body over itself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies.”

Then, in context of personhood, this word means that we as people have full right and power over ourselves, without interference from outside sources.

This can obviously be taken many ways, depending on your perspective… I’ll share here what it means to me.

To be Sovereign means we have personal Agency over our lives. At some point, we step into further conscious awakeness, and become ever-more sovereign. I do not see it as a point of arrival, but moreso a way of leading our own lives, at which some point we might look back and *feel* we have arrived.

We live in a time, most of us in countries, where many have the freedom of sovereignty that our ancestors did NOT have, in context of our cultures & societies.

I do not take this for granted, ever. I hope you do not either!

And, even if we grew up in past generations, or we do experience aspects where our culture/society does not respect our sovereignty, WE STILL ARE - if we so choose.

We are sovereign, because we are conscious beings.

We are sovereign, because we are aware & awake.

We take the weight of what our ancestors swam upstream for… and we get the privilege of doing something WITH our Freedom.

In my culture, and many around the world, many children never experience an actual delineation, a Rite of Passage into Adulthood. I will speak from our American culture, but I know others will relate too…

Because many of us don’t have this milestone marked in our lives, and because our culture is still catching up in valuing emotional intelligence, intuition, body-wisdom, the feminine… we age physically, but too often we do not mature emotionally or within our own inherent wisdom.

We don’t learn what we stand for.

We don’t learn what our authentic boundaries are.

We don’t learn our own voice & unique expression.

We stay small.

We shrink.

We hide.

We stay quiet.

We be good.

We please others.

We insidiously secede our own boundaries.

And eventually, we lose touch with who we ARE.

Sometimes we lash out from this space, because we are like a scared pup trapped in a corner - but we don’t realize that we are much stronger than we are allowing ourselves to be.

When we EMBODY our SOVEREIGNTY, when we ALIGN within - our truth & our center, and GROUND into this authenticity within, we THEN get to expand this truth out - Through our physical body/boundaries, our energetic boundaries & out into the shared world.

On the topic of spirituality, empaths & non-duality, this is what I have to say: YES, we do live in and inextricably intertwined in a non-dual reality. We are all One, at a fundamental & grande level.

ANDDD - we are ALSO each unique individuals, living dualistically!!

To disregard this Truth is to willfully ignore reality.

When we ignore this truth, those who consider themselves empaths and suffer from co-dependency, people-pleasing will forever be trapped & lost in the ethereal oneness of existence.

If you are truly enjoying trying to stay only the Oneness, please do not let me prevent you from enjoying!!

But if you are suffering from non-existent boundaries, from repetitive dysfunctional relationships, from repetitive cycles of suffering in knowing who you are, why you’re here and what the f*ck your purpose is… then I invite you, to begin

Stepping Into Your Sovereignty.

It is your birthright.

You ARE a magnificent, stunning human being, with all the power to co-create the live your heart LONGS for.

Two last points to bring clarity… when we are sovereign, and we do no have ‘interference’ from outside sources, please be clear about this word ‘interference’ and do not conflate it with ‘influence’ or any other meaning.

It is impossible to not be influenced or inspired or otherwise, by outside sources.

But when we are acting out of sovereignty, we do get choice over what we allow to interfere with us, our authentic truth, or not.

And, a small point on boundaries… a practice perhaps to try feeling into… When you feel into what sovereignty feels like within your being… notice if your boundaries feel nonexistent, hard & rigid, flexible & adaptable… to ‘outside sources’.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, feelings, observations, inspiration!! What does this stir within your being? All my love to you!! Xo

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