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Why you should contemplate death more

Photo | Mathias Reding | Unsplash

I think about and/or feel into my own mortality nearly every day. It’s not something I talk about often, as it’s quite personal to each of us. And, it’s also universal to all of us.

I believe this is something we need more of in our western culture. In America in particular.

We are so removed and sanitized from the dying process, from death, that our egos largely remain under the numb/somatic illusion that we won’t perish.

Sure, we all know intellectually that each of us will die, sooner or later… though even some in the spiritual community bypass this truth as well - that we reincarnate, that our souls exist beyond the body etc. And this very well could be true.

But that doesn’t interest me as much.

What interests me most is living as fully, as deeply, as humanly as possible right now.

Did you feel that breath, that just breathed you?

Do you feel the gentle air on your skin?

Do you feel your longings, your dreams, your anxieties, your heart-beating?

It’s there.

Until it’s not.

Do you feel the aliveness in every cell that makes up your entire body? That vitality? That constant turning over of death and rebirth within the body that you inhabit right now?

That is pure magic, already, always happening. Right. Now.

We sanitize and even make twee our media, our music, our religions, our homes, our streets, our mass shootings, our pets… our lives from the pain of death.

Of the horrendous suffering caused when we don’t allow ourselves to deeply feel the forever-loss.

I am of the belief that these things should be shared more - in our media. In our social posts. In our lives.

I’ve been quite sheltered from all of this naturally by being American.

Some part of me has always been fascinated with the macabre however.

I used to think this was weird.

I now realize it’s because there is a part of me (and I believe a part within each and every human) that desires to *feel* my own mortality, so I may live more fully before my body perishes.

In many other cultures around the world, death & dead bodies are something that are regularly contemplated and meditated upon.

This is something I’ve chosen to do, when it naturally arises in my own life.

My ex and I had two dogs together. When Bobbi died, I held her as she left her body.

It was excruciating for me. It still is.

When his dog died a few months later, he held him. And we took his body and burned it in a pyre in the forest. I added Bobbi’s ashes to the pyre.

It was awfully painful to witness. At one point I watched a tail stretch out & curl up, moved by the heat of the fire, before it burnt completely to ash. This body was no longer animated by the spirit of what once inhabited it.

And we were alive while we watched.

They were both held while they left their bodies. This was our honor. Truly, it was our duty. Reverently so.

No part of me is numb to this experience. I feel it all. My entire body. I am alive. I am grateful.

Don’t be numb to the life you have. To the body you have. To this ever present now, while you’re in it. Because it will absolutely end at some point.

Don’t use justifications to not live a fuller, deeper life now.

You will regret it.

Don’t bypass your life.

This is why I landed on embodiment. Or, honestly, it landed in me. Nothing else I ever came across felt like it fully ‘checked all the boxes’ per se… as far as ‘healing’, ‘personal growth’, ‘spiritual growth’, ‘evolution’, having healthy relationships, doing business from an ‘aligned place’ etc.

Don’t get me wrong, (almost!) every modality and approach has its benefits. But if a modality is not integrated within the body, it’s hollow. It won’t stick. You’ll still be left searching for ‘something else’.


If you’re done with bypassing your own, full, lush, deep, precious existence, let’s chat.

Megan is a Certified Feminine Embodiment Coach, Embodied Yoga Instructor, recovering people-pleaser and lover of nature and things that make her laugh. To have a chat about working with her privately, schedule a free consultation call here.

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