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If Your Feminine Energy Coach Doesn't Include This One Thing, It's Incomplete.

Tell me if your Feminine Energy Coach has talked about this…

If you've been in the Feminine Energy realm for a little bit, you've surely heard every single Feminine Energy expert say you need to be 'surrendered' and to be 'receptive' to be truly in your feminine.

And, whilst this is absolutely true, it's an incomplete picture.

Tell me, what are you surrendered to exactly? What are you receptive to?

Some may say 'Well, I'm surrendered to the masculine. I'm receptive to masculine provision and guidance." Great. This is still flawed.... why? Because many women conflate being surrendered to the masculine, to being surrendered to men. And men are, well, flawed.

We women are flawed too.

All humans are flawed and imperfect.

Ok, so a deeper line of logic... "I'm surrendered and receptive to the Divine Masculine."

Great, well, what does that mean exactly? It's a romantic and beautiful notion, but what exactly is the Divine Masculine? It's certainly an idealistic principle of what human masculinity might strive toward... but over time this became also not well defined enough for me and in the way my clients needed.

There is a more defined and real way of stating this that some women may get right away... and others of you may reject right away, but I hope you will still hear me out.

We can't fully surrender to another human being - we are all flawed.

We can't fully surrender to an ill-defined spiritual principle of divine masculinity either, else our surrender is ill-surrendered.

Beneath and beyond all of what we could surrender to, we ought to surrender to God Himself.

(For those whose hair stood on end, hear me out for a moment.)

Soak in the Truest, most Loving God 

Take all of the atrocities human's have done in the name of God out of it (I know, this is a whole lot easier said than done, but try…), and tune into who and what God truly is - pure, all-encompassing compassion. Fear-melting love. Divine truth. All-knowing guidance. All-seeing providing. Unending safety. God is the Source of life to surrender to.

Let me illustrate this a different way.

Some people use the word "Universe" instead of "God" - and for some this may be completely fine. But for some, my younger self included, it wasn't right.

You see, for me, when I surrendered to the Universe, because the Universe encompassed ALL possibilities (good and bad), I would then, unintentionally be at the whims of whatever good and bad happened to me. Like a punching bag for the Universe.

Whereas, being surrendered to God as the highest form of love and truth possible, there is nothing better to be surrendered to. Because God is the highest form of truth, Divine Truth, I can actually surrender into trust and safety in my body.

Because God is the highest and purest form of Divine Love, I can easily surrender into deep peace and joy - even when I don't know where life is taking me.

Deconflating egoic will vs the highest will of Goodness

Let me highlight this truth in another way; who hasn't done a manifesting practice these days? And in the realm of Feminine Embodiment, now magnetism is all the rage.

Manifesting is seen more as the mind-realm (thinking, affirmations, visualization etc), whereas magnetism is the felt-sense/body-realm (realm of the feminine.) "Let me magnetize in what is meant for me. I just need to feel open, receptive and surrendered enough for my desire, and it will just come to me." (i.e. something's wrong me with if it's not coming yet)

Both manifesting and magnetism require you to be the doer, or the un-doer. If these practices are not done with a deep sense of Divine Love and Truth at the center, it's coming from your ego, and therefore it will, sooner or later, disappoint.

Clearly I'm not against magnetism (or manifesting for that matter) - I've taught it for years and I have reaped some pretty magical benefits from it. But there's something deeper at play. Beneath our egoic desires.

Beyond Manifesting, Beyond Magnetizing — MERGE.

It came to me clearly during a meditation a few months ago... Beyond manifesting. Beyond magnetizing. Merge.

Merge with Divine Love & Truth. Merge with God's will.

When we do this, our egoic desires dissolve. Our need to play games dissolve. We are riding a much deeper, truer current - the Truest, and thus, the most fulfilling and rewarding.

You can use another word, if "God" triggers you. I understand there is a lot of awfulness done in the name of God and the wrong that is done in his name is not ok. Use Source. Love. Union. Whatever helps you connect to the ultimate source of Divine Love & Truth that is at the very core of who we are and what we're made of.

But make no mistake who and what you're surrendered to.

Being at the whim of human imperfection, or universal ebbs and flows of all that is possibly good and evil - these are not worthy of your feminine surrender.

You are meant for more.

Whilst we are each like droplets-come-together in a crashing wave on the shore, we are not meant to merely be tossed about. We are wildly unique and conscious co-creators in this human life on earth. We are meant to be active participants in this world. We get to help shape the wave we are a part of - but we become a chaotic storm when we don't help shape it for the greater good, and merely succumb to our egoic whims.

We do this well, when we surrender to what is Good, and Right, and True, and Loving.

A solid foundation = true growth

I have worked with enough women now over the years to see this to be a huge missing piece in Feminine Energy coaching.

You will still be playing human-realm polarity games and manipulation tactics if God is not at the center of your surrender. You'll still get burned by f*ck boys. You'll unconsciously play games of superiority and inferiority and seek more depth in new-age Tantrik festivals, yet the depth your soul truly craves will go unquenched.

You'll spend thousands, tens of thousands perhaps, on trainings, coaches, experts, retreats. You'll try to learn the next best Feminine Energy tactics to 10x your business. All the while, if God isn't at the center, you'll inevitably burn out, dry up and succumb to fighting autoimmune disorders for the next several years until you regain just enough energy to try it all again - but whatever is trending this time.

I know this sounds really pessimistic :) It's not though. It's my story. And it's the story of far too many women I've worked with. It's clear as day, once you see it enough times, and it can't be ignored.

It's what's happening in the realm of Feminine Energy Coaching and the writing is on the wall. And it's what I deeply hope to help prevent more women from succumbing to.

Some of you will still go try the other tactics - I wish you all the best!

Some of you however, some of you feel it in your soul, the deep truth of what I'm pointing to.

The next wave of Feminine Energy Coaching is to Merge. Surrender to the purest Love and Truth. I hope you will join me!


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